Milestones marked and captured.

Life is full of special occasions that deserve to be celebrated properly.

Anniversaries, birthday, proms and parties.

These occasions bring loved ones together and should be marked in spectacular fashion.

RMX can turn events and occasions into showstoppers.

We work with you to understand the theme of the event and select the perfect photo booth to capture it all.

RMX Photo Booths can deliver fun-packed, high-energy entertainment that is totally customised to your needs. From bespoke backdrops to custom animations – the perfect party entertainment can be yours.

Special Moments

While our photographers can capture dramatic entrances, quieter moments as well as posed portraits of you and your loved ones.

We will make sure that every special moment is Perfectly captured in candid, curated still and moving images.


When you plan a party you want to make sure it that inspires, engages and entertains and memories are created and captured.

That’s what RMX can do for you.

Let RMX make the most of your special occasions and turn them into treasured memories.

Pricing & Plans

We’ll help you tower above the rest through premium events entertainment and show-stopping activations.



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